A French Family Company since 1949

Unlimited Stories by La Canadienne

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Our story began in 1949. The first "La Canadienne" opened at 19 Quai Augagneur in Lyon, and our company is still headquartered there today. A popular clothing item at the time was a waterproof canvas jacket lined with sheepskin worn by pilots in the second world war. It was known in France as the “Canadienne” and gave our store its name. For our international development we chose the name Unlimited Stories.

For 70 years now, we have specialised in leather, skins and fur and do our utmost to bring our customers the widest possible range of quality items and authentic materials. Our expertise has since expanded to encompass winter-warm padded jackets, often containing goose or duck down and trimmed with fur.

Our main concern?
Your satisfaction. To make your experience with us as enjoyable as possible, we offer advice from true specialists, a lifetime guarantee for your garments, a very helpful customer service and a wide panel of services (repairs, cleaning, storage, alterations, etc.).

Unlimited stories by La Canadienne

A french family company since 1949

Since it was founded in 1949, La Canadienne has been run successively by two families. The first was at the helm until 1981 when the second took over. This family-oriented approach is the cornerstone of our company’s vision.

We do all we can to ensure that every employee feels at home in our family business, from store staff and the web teams to the alteration specialists and the administrative and management staff. Everyone contributes to the growth of our business and the quality of our customer service.

We endeavour to maintain the highest of standards to deliver superlative quality of service and choice, and to remain constantly attentive to your needs. We love to see you satisfied after buying from us, knowing that you will enjoy a long and happy experience with your new garment.



La Canadienne is available on-line and in our stores: Paris Opéra, Paris Saint-Germain, Lyon Augagneur, Lyon Presqu’île, Annemasse, Annecy, Chamonix, Megève, and since autumn 2020, we are present in Luxembourg.

Our outlets offer a vast choice of ready-to-wear leather, skin and fur garments and accessories plus a wide range of padded jackets and parkas for men, women and children.

Online and in our stores, browse a selection of over 50 brands, designers and big names along with our own La Canadienne collections.

Leather and skin are our business !

Leather is timeless, noble choice. It never goes out of fashion. Always on trend, it suits men, women and children of every age and style.

Our relationship with our leather clothing is unique: the garments develop an attractive patina, crinkling and changing colour over time. Leather ages at its own pace, becoming more beautiful as the years go by. You become fonder and fonder of your “old” leather and never get fed up of wearing it, unlike other items in your wardrobe.

Our collections encompass the full diversity of leather and skin, each different in suppleness, warmth and robustness: from lambskin to calfskin, from merinos to Tuscany lamb, from buffalo hide to deerskin, from vison to fox, from Entrefino to Lacon shearling. Our padded jackets come with inner down or a technical membrane, trimmed with coyote, racoon, rex or fox, depending on your style or budget.

A choice list of Premium brands

For you, we select Premium brands recognised for the exceptional quality of their garments.

They are all reputed for their know-how and tailoring techniques.

Nobis, Mackage, Canada Goose, Oakwood, Serge Pariente, Schott, Belstaff, Pyrenex, Moose Knuckles, K-Way, Rains, and plenty more can be found in our La Canadienne stores and online.

We showcase some carefully selected stylists in our special Designer spaces, where they share their vision of leather, skin and fur in the unique pieces they create. Take, for example, names such as Anne Delaigle, German’s, Flo Clo, Artico, Léa Clément, Gallotti, ...

A constant concern for quality

We are more than just a leather/skin retailer: we are true specialists and we love these noble materials. As such, all our own production and the items we sell undergo quality control before going on sale in our stores and/or being shipped by our logistics staff.

We check the quality of the skin, its colour, the zips and poppers, and the rest. Every element making up the garment is carefully checked to ensure the best quality finish possible.

And even before that, our partners, manufacturers and suppliers are rigorously selected according to criteria defined by our staff covering the manufacturing site and procedures, treatment of the animals and origin of the skins, how the raw materials are stored, brand value, and so on. Nothing is left to chance. In addition, we have chosen to be entirely transparent with our product data sheets, which state which country the item was made in and where the skin comes from, whenever possible.

If, despite the care we take, you find a defect or problem with your garment, please call us on +33 (0)4 78 600 601. We will inspect your garment and if we confirm the defect, we will change it as quickly as possible or offer you an alternative solution.

Choose UnLtdstories.com by La Canadienne and you can be sure of optimal after-sales service for the long term.